Sam Oosterhoff and the Ontario PCs are Committed to Healthcare

Published on June 04, 2018

(Beamsville) – Sam Oosterhoff, Ontario PC Candidate for Niagara West, has been working hard since his election as MPP to make sure that the people of Niagara have the health care they need.  

Oosterhoff fought successfully to keep 50 Long-Term Care beds at Kilean Lodge. He also obtained a funding grant for the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and has been tireless in his advocacy for this local hospital. Meanwhile, both the Liberals and the NDP voted to stop the construction of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.  Oosterhoff also improved access to palliative care through his work on the “Compassionate Care Act,” his first Private Member’s Bill. Healthcare is a priority for the Ontario PCs.   

For his part, PC Leader, Doug Ford has insisted over this campaign that it is time to listen to front-line medical professionals, including nurses and doctors, to ensure that long-term stable funding is available to do the capacity planning that our health care system deserves.

If elected, the Ontario PC Party has committed to:

  1. Invest $3.8 billion in mental health, addictions and housing supports over 10 years;
  2. Spend $98 million per year on providing free dental care for low-income seniors; and
  3. Cut hospital wait times and end hallway medicine by building 15,000 long-term care beds in five years and 30,000 beds in 10 years. Capital costs amortized over duration of asset, total per year cost will be $62,000 per bed once operational.

The Coalition of Ontario Doctors fully endorses the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to lead Ontario out of its current healthcare crisis: Spokesperson David Jacobs has pointed to Jeff Yurek and Christine Elliott as two high calibre PC candidates “who have a wealth of ideas, competence, and experience to turn around our struggling healthcare system![1]

Despite rumours to the contrary, Doug Ford has come out on record as “100 per cent committed to Ontario’s public health care system”[2]

“My hope is that voters will base their decisions on the facts, rather than letting themselves be influenced by partisan scare tactics,” said Oosterhoff. “The PC Party is the only party who has the experienced professionals and the realistic policy needed to responsibly tackle the healthcare crisis created by 15 years of Liberal government”.

“We look forward to the opportunity to prove our commitment to healthcare and to the people of Ontario,” concluded Oosterhoff.  

The PC Platform is accessible at:




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[2] Global News, May 9, 2018,